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You can donate to ours or one of our ambassador's campaigns,scroll down and you'll find them! ! 

For every 1000 rupees you donate, we'll make sure 100 reusable cloth masks or 100 soaps get to the vulnerable! 

MasksforIndia is a non profit initiative that aims to get masks to every citizen of India starting with the most vulnerable. the ones living in high-risk high-density areas, the homeless, the daily wagers, for whom buying a mask is, at this point of time, economically unviable. 


We’ve tied up with local tailors to get the masks made, providing jobs in these disastrous times and saving lives one mask at a time.The distribution is through the police! All masks are thoroughly disinfected before distribution. 

Science has no doubt whatsoever that wearing homemade masks will slow the COVID-19 outbreak and save lives!

If you haven’t already read it,read our explanation on why we need to wear masks.



Soap Kills the Coronavirus.There's no denying it! You must have read countless studies describing the virtues of soap,but for a quick refresher you can read our article here.

Babies and kids need milk to grow up healthy..for babies it can be a matter of risking their lives. Women need sanitary pads so they can stay safe and stay healthy.


However, none of this is possible without your help and contribution. We are in need of donations to help us help the vulnerable, to help India defeat the virus!

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