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Tiny hands, soft as a rose,

Gentle smile, make the world bright.

I promise I’ll keep you close

Carry you through the dark to the light

Wish I could give you the world, my sweet,

I, myself have but little of it.

Wish I could make your life complete

Give you it all bit by bit.

Times are tough, my darling,

Is your belly full?

I promise I’ll do something, little starling

For you, I’ll take the long pull.

Just a little bit of milk

I swear I’ll manage

I may not be able to give you jewels and silk,

But I’ll protect you from the carnage.

Don’t you worry, my little songbird,

Wipe those shards of mirror from your eyes.

I assure you our cries will be heard,

Don’t go darling, it's too early for goodbyes.

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