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A Silhouette in the Dark

Updated: Jun 26, 2020

By: Mudit Aggarwal

In the darkness of the night

Lives the man, who wakes people by fright

He lives everywhere, in crevices, rat holes


Keeps an eye on what you share.

He is the reason shoes are unpolished,

He is the one who ruins our work.

He is the reason plates are unclean,

He is the one who eats food, unseen

He comes in different shapes:

As mother, father, son and sister

He lives on, getting bored.

Avoiding him makes him feel ignored.

Living in the nook and corner,

He has learned the trick –

Camouflage and disappear into thin air,

His favourite pick.

Even in your bedroom

Or when you clean the house with a broom,

He will be looking for a chance

Even as you cherish these verses,

He will be looking at you.

With those mean eyes which, have a twinkle for a


Beware reader! He may be on watch.

For you to become the prey of his catch.

He will tear your cloths,

And dirty the walls,

Keep an eye open.

Don’t be a buffoon.

He is real,

His presence you can feel.

You can see him everywhere,

He lives inside everyone.

He is in our every action,

He is the carelessness that lives inside us.

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