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At the Forefront of Combatting SARS-CoV-2

Updated: Jun 24, 2020

By : Anushka

This week the total COVID- 19 cases will reach nearly 48,000 in India, which is home to over 1.3 billion people. India is already the largest cohort of people with respiratory disease due to extensive air pollution, especially in the NCR. One of the major concerns regarding the spread of the virus is the population density in several states , especially places like the Dharavi Slum of Mumbai. Certain sections of the society are prone to the disease and their conditions deteriorate amidst the lockdown.

About 49% of the Indian population works in the primary sector as farmers, and about 27% operate in the secondary sector - some of them being factory workers, casual labourers and daily wage workers. Due to the lockdown, the industrial sector remains closed and countless economic activities are put on hold. While the upper middle-class sections of the society worry about salons, restaurants and shopping complexes, there are people who are left without jobs and face yet another subsistence crisis.

Not only do such people lack financial support but also the absolute essentials (deemed thus by the World Health Organisation) to prevent the spread of this novel coronavirus such as masks and hand sanitizers. They also do not have ready access to clean drinking water, nutritious food, clothes, sanitary napkins and other health and hygiene products.

The FCI and the government of India are taking initiatives to provide free food and other essentials to these vulnerable people, yet it proves arduous to reach such a number, well into the millions. But can we just leave them to suffer?

Studies show that the average adult spends at least a thousand rupees on restaurant and takeout each week, and is capable of spending at least 10% of it on the people who require our help during this global crisis. Keeping in mind the extensive population of our country, even a paltry contribution could go on to save hundreds, if not thousands of lives .

Such acts of kindness, compassion and goodwill remind us of the humanity within, our dire need to help others and of the pedestal our country inches ever so close to standing on.

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