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By: Arshiya Arora

Amidst all the ongoing chaos around the world, this lockdown period has helped me become quite productive and has helped me work on myself and become a better version of me!

First of all, it has helped me become a good listener. With my friends calling me to share the problems that they’re facing due to the pandemic, I’ve gained patience and it has helped me grow a lot as a person.

With the pressure of studies and other duties, I did not use to spend a lot of time with my family. Now that everyone is at home, I have the time to actually sit down with my family and talk to them and have fun! Playing games together increases trust and has also helped me feel closer to my family than ever!

This lockdown has also helped me inculcate my interests. I absolutely love to dance and all this free time at home has helped me work on my dancing a lot. I enrolled myself into many different online classes and courses which is great fun!

These may be hard times but if we can focus some of our energy into productivity and we will be surprised to see how fast this time will pass!!

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