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Journey of School Life

By: Mudit Aggarwal

The most unforgettable memory in one’s life is the time one spends in school. I personally have had an excellent experience in my school uptill now. Apart from those big gangs of friends, odd school uniforms and multiple hands in one lunch box common to the lives of most school students, the peculiar unconventional pleasures are what I will cherish the most in future. Participating in school events just so that we could be called to school on Saturdays and spend extra time with our friends; those dreaded PTM days I longed to skip if possible; the king feeling of wearing casuals and distributing toffees with your side partner on birthdays ;rushing towards the playground when when PE starts; pushing each other in the canteen; changing your route when the principal is coming towards you ; using fever as an excuse to get out of trouble caused by unnecessary leaves ;those panic attacks after seeing math question paper in an exam ; those fantastic school trips with friends and teachers – oh, what a delight it is to look at the latter in the informal avatar. School life is magnificent for how it shapes a person. The people one encounters during this journey – be it friends or teachers, are the most trustworthy confidantes throughout one’s life, for they have seen one’s worse as a child. But school is not a bed of roses for all. However much we might brush aside the gravity of exams with jokes, the truth remains that they act as sources of anxiety and depression for multiple students. This is where the role of elders comes in. One should positively consult their parents or school counselor if they face any difficult situation in school. Hence, with little caution on their part and a will to learn from their teachers, a student can have the best time of his life at school!

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