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Lockdown: a Sunshine with Shades of Grey

Updated: Jun 18, 2020

By: Suhani Mittal

What is positivity? How do you define it? Well, positivity is the tendency of being optimistic in attitude. It is a feeling about something, something that makes you believe that it’s right. Positivity is an energy, a vibe, that lightens up the mood. It is that energy that indeed has helped many people stay optimistic and motivated during this time of crisis. A positive perspective towards life is of utmost importance right now keeping in mind all the things that are happening, that is the coronavirus along with other natural calamities that have started to make their presence felt. It is all about having the right attitude towards life.

Lockdown itself can be looked at with a positive perspective. Keeping aside all the drawbacks of it, it sure does have some positive impacts. To begin with, this period of lockdown has given people all the time in the world to spend time with their families and create a stronger emotional bond with their loved ones, something that especially many in the workforce might have found difficult, due to their busy schedules. It has also given the opportunity to actually do something they love or learn something they've always wanted to, something that they might not have done in their normal routines. It feels like that the time has actually stopped and we have the ability to work on ourselves, reflect and actually become better versions of ourselves. Lockdown has also taught us an important lesson - that spending money is not something that is of worth in life - fashionable shoes, clothes and all other materialistic want, will never make us truly happy and are not the essentials of life, but rather it is good mental and physical health, and a simple lifestyle. It also has had an impact on the environment, giving time to nature to grow and repair great damage caused to it due to the wrongdoings of the humans ; the largest ozone hole has been closed, which is something that might not have been possible if there weren't a global lockdown. It has also led to cleaner rivers, fresh air and much reduced traffic on the roads. Animals have also been spotted roaming on the streets, swans have returned to Venice, dolphins were spotted in Mumbai. It feels like animals have regained freedom, a true freedom.

Many known personalities also have taken to their social platforms to share their ways of being productive during this lockdown and thus inspiring people to be productive too and make the best use of this time available now. They also encourage us to start cooking at home and prefer more home cooked meals rather than eating out in restaurants every now and then. You could be doing things that actually make you happy - like painting, watching movies, playing games with your family, reading and much much more.

Do that which you love - learn a new language, keep a bullet journal or even learn how to dance to your favorite song.

“Keep your face to the sunshine and you cannot see a shadow.”

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