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Quandary in Quarantine

By: Anandita

Sitting in my room in quarantine,

Thinking about things no one had foreseen.

I tell myself it’s going to be alright,

That we shall conquer with all our might.

Truth be told, I don’t know,

I don’t know if we will win, or lose,

So I write today with tears in my eyes,

Hoping all the while that no one else dies.

But I have realized,

There are two ways to think at a time like this, and the answer may leave you surprised.

The first, is the easier one

The one where I do nothing but crib about how nothing is fun,

But the first is also the scarier one,

For I'm afraid to do things that can’t be undone.

The other might be hard, but I don't want to take the first,

No matter how aching my thirst.

The second, is the one with thorns and roses,

The one which more challenge encloses,

It is the one in which I decide to help my own nation, and my own people,

For the world around us is unjust,

And it did not give them the things it gave us,

Like masks and soaps, and they are the ones in danger thus.

Please, help your people, help your country,

And do not let them go hungry,

For they are our own brothers and sisters.

So come, let us join hands,

Amidst all these bans,

So come, let us help those in need,

And do our bit, a good deed.

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