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Silent bystander

You passed by those streets

In your cars Not looking twice

And if you would have even looked once

You would have had the urge to save their lives

It’s the complains you make every now and then

About not having enough to eat and make

On the streets these women, they lie in wait of something

That will quench their thirst while their stomachs ache

You let out exasperated sighs about the never ending quarantine

But little do you realize that you are in the comforts of your house

Lucky enough to have a roof above your head, while others lay

On footpaths in despair ,they go unheard in all this chaos

You’re tired, you say again and again that are tired

And what about these doctors and social workers

They work tirelessly so you can stay at your houses

You owe it to them at least , to make their lives a little less worse

Look at all those privileges you have

Put them to use , why let them subside

You can help the needy with the whole of your heart

And see your actions ,let them freely smile

Once you decide to bring about change

Nothing but your desires will stand in your path

Even if you start from so little, anything you can do is commendable

You can save lives , and that shows your actions depth

Protect those people in need

With food,essentials and something as small as a mask

You would letting them pass these nights of horror

By doing what a human does, putting that mind to Task

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