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By : Apollo

MasksForIndia is an organization built upon the passion of three teenagers who wanted to help the underprivileged make it through the pandemic that is now sweeping the globe. By working with their friends, they have distributed:

2,37,240+ Masks

3,45,200+ Sanitary Pads

33,500+ Soaps

4,000+ Litres of milk

Hearing of this makes it sound like a great achievement on their part, but also makes it hard to believe that some kids could accomplish a goal of such magnitude. You instantly start thinking about the numerous responsibilities that come with building and being part of an organization. Especially with their goal, they had to find ways to distribute essentials amongst people during this pandemic and as kids, money remained a huge problem. Due to their young age, they faced a lot of disapproval from their parents but through perseverance and desire to help, they pulled through. And as their parents saw that they were serious about this and committed to this, they also started offering their help and experience to aid them in achieving their goal. For funds, they decided to crowdfund but still had problems regarding the platform. They also had to find manufacturers who would produce cheap yet good quality masks, sanitary pads, etc.

They have made a huge difference to the people who have received these items. They have raised over 30 lakh INR via crowdfunding and all of it has gone into providing more of these items. They are completely non-profit and keep feeding this money in to help more people. At the heart of it, MasksForIndia is just a lot of kids who want to help the needful people of our nation, and to do this, they require help from YOU. Together they’ve helped lakhs of people, yet there are always more we can help. YOU could help them, even with a small donation of 100 rupees, you could be saving the lives of 10 people.

These lives are in your hand

What are you going to do?

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