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The First Step

Updated: May 16, 2020

This chain of despair,

this chain of a million hurt souls,

has restricted our callous minds,

with chills of quarantine.

This chain of silent disruption,

this chain of tumultuous separation,

this chain of mental affliction;

is the one which you and I can together break.

So rise up and rise up now;

because tomorrow will be too late ,

tomorrow will never come ,

because you will always only have today.

Are you afraid to take that first step?

Are you scared that you will be alone ?

Do you fear that this might go wrong?

Let me tell you that it’s all going to be okay.

But rise up and rise up now,

you are your only hope

Take that first step,

stop not till the last one is tread.

This chain which you and I

can together break,

Why does it still haunt us to this very date ?

I think now I know that it’s not just you,

the blame comes on to me too.

Because all I did was just tell you

what a person is supposed to do.

And while you put yourself in those shoes,

I know,

I know that I stood right there judging you,

when I should have been the one

walking with you.

- Daksha Anand

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