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By: Simar

They told us to have hope,

Have hope for the best.

But never did they understand,

That the odds weren’t in our interest.

They said ”have faith child”,

But for a moment they pretermitted

That the disease wasn't mild,

And the world was defiled.

How are we expected to be sanguine,

When people treat us as a mere lifeless mannequin.

A child is expected to be filled with zest,

But all we need is a mother’s love-filled caress.

He said ‘even we are children,

we need care.

Who would know better than us,

That our life is nothing but a nightmare’

For a moment, think about those

Those, who have no livelihood

For a moment,

Let us show our brotherhood

For a moment think about those

Who are starving for food

We are all children of this earth

Let's together do good

However woeful you think your life is right now, it can’t be worse than the migrant workers and other people who have absolutely no access to any sanitation facilities or even two square meals for that matter. Their lives are much more miserable than you can imagine. While the parents are struggling to earn a meagre income to sustain their family, their children are starving with hunger. Let us show them that they are not alone, there are people who care for them. Let us not make them feel devoid of solicitude. Come, join MasksForIndia, for we can gain ground only if we receive your support.

Donate, for the sake of humanity, for it is the efforts that count.

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