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Tia's Campaign To Provide 3000 People

As our country and the world battles COVID-19, Prime Minister Modi has asked Indians to wear masks, as they are highly beneficial in lowering the risk of transmission. Masks help: 1. Protect others by not spreading the virus if you have it. 2. Protect yourself by reducing your chances of catching the virus when you go outside. 3. Reduce face touching by wearing something that covers your face.

MasksforIndia is a not for profit initiative that aims to get masks to every citizen of India, especially people who are most vulnerable, namely those living in high-risk, high-density areas, the homeless, and daily wage earners, for whom buying a mask is, especially at this point of time, simply impossible to afford. In addition, there is a shortage of masks at shops due to panic buying since the beginning of the virus’ spread in India. We have tied up with local tailors to get cloth masks made, also providing them with jobs in these difficult times. All masks are thoroughly disinfected before sending them out, and the entire distribution is being done through the police department, ensuring proper & safe delivery of the same. However, none of this can even be possible without your help and contribution. We are in need of donations to help us make more and more masks so that we can play a role in helping India defeat this virus! By protecting the vulnerable, the children, daily wage workers, and domestic help, who are an integral part of our population, you help protect yourself and protect India! For every 1000 rupees we collect, Tia and MasksforIndia will provide 100 masks or 100 soaps to those in need of them. Please visit our website at to learn more, and help us save lives one mask at a time.

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