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By: Simar

The malignant coronavirus paired with the nationwide lockdown has without any doubt had a deleterious impact on India’s economy. People are compelled to act in a frugal manner, some even struggling to earn a meagre income to sustain their families with at least two square meals a day. In short, the country is on the verge of collapsing, and the only saving grace is our brave heroes who are protecting us from the virus.

But, there is one question which needs to be answered- Is this rampant epidemic the only thing we should be scared of? Unfortunately, the answer is no. Apart from the impact this pandemic has had on the economy and our daily lifestyles, there is one more thing that needs to be brought to light. There is one such activity that has resurfaced nowadays, something which, amidst the lockdown, curtailed - criminal and/or illicit activities.

The 5 nationwide lockdowns unequivocally had very inimical effects on the lower middle class echelon of the society. Some so adversely affected, that it resulted in the loss of their livelihoods and ultimately leading to paucity of essential resources like money or food. The inadequacy of everyday essentials has, in a way, coerced people to indulge in not-so-acceptable activities to earn money; activities like chain snatching, pick-pocketing, burglary etc. These people are in anguish, pulverized under the pressure of sustaining their families, both monetarily and emotionally.

The police officials already have their hands full with regulating the lockdown guidelines. They can’t spare enough time to look into civilian activities and misdemeanours. With them fully occupied, there is no fear in the mind of malefactors. The situation in India is already too bad to have crime flourish and become prevalent. India is lagging behind enormously in terms of its economy and as a developing nation. An increase in the crime rate will hinder its progress majorly.

Thinking that crime will be put a stop to once India is corona-free is a fallacy. India has already lost a lot in terms of GDP and annual growth rate. It will take time for markets and businesses to pace up, till then all of us will have to live with bog-standards. This might seem to be a very trivial topic as of now, but in the imminent times, this issue will have pivotal importance, for with every second that passes, the situation of the country is exacerbated. The ordeal doesn’t end with the end of the pandemic. This tribulation has a number of corollaries. To name a few, if there isn’t a decrease in the ongoing transgression, it might just lead to civilians left with a sense of distrust. People have a family to sustain. Indulgence of people in various felonies might shoot up in the upcoming times, for the fear of death and starvation outweighs the fear of law. If not any other section, vulnerable children might end up getting arrested for delinquency. Such a situation will affect India’s reputation on the global front adversely.

In my opinion, there is only one way to end it. Understanding the depth of the situation and dealing with this pandemic with solemnity might end up with us having a corona-free nation. This won’t let the number of illicit activities shoot up to an extent where it is beyond our control. But this is only possible if we are consolidated and cooperative. MasksForIndia is one such organisation which will help you serve your nation, just by a single donation. Come, join MasksForIndia, for the greater good of all and for a healthier and safer India!

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