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What Can I Do?

Can you imagine, waking up to a world

Where things are not like they used to be.

A world which is drained and purged,

And devoid of all that made you free

Think a thousand times before touching,

When touch is the purest of human expression.

The inside of your house is everything

You see, going out is a transgression.

Oh, could it be any worse?

Yes it could, yes it could.

To you it make already feel like a curse,

But what of those who have no livelihood?

Can you imagine, living in terror

Of a thing none can see or understand.

It must be some kind of cosmic error,

No precautionary measures at hand.

Doesn’t your heart bleed for those

Doesn’t it get empathetic and sad

For that woman, that innocent primrose

Who’s down without a sanitary pad

These times are unprecedented, for sure

Homes filled with children’s hungry cries.

This disease is deadly, and until we find a cure,

Masks and soaps will have to suffice.

If this image fills your soul with dread,

Make sure no one lives through your imagination,

Don’t let this be left unsaid,

Come together, come together for the nation.

Acknowledge your privilege

Make your contribution

Towards those living on the ice ridge,

Come, make a donation!

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