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Crack Of Dawn

Updated: May 27, 2020

Confined amid the sombre purlieu of mine

I ponder how my first day out in the world would feel like

I wonder if there would be bloodshed

Because of the unkempt rage boiling, urging to be flushed out

I wonder how many families have been torn apart, broken

Substantially because of the hunger of the untamed minds

I wonder how many glass bottles would loiter on the road blocking the farthest vicinity of the locality

I wonder how many families are fighting the battle between poverty, survival and petty thievery

I wonder how empty we will feel inside

Helplessly descrying destruction, waiting to flood in

on the brim of its already full glass of corruption and unrest

I wonder about the humane ones

fighting over and over for justice, equality and peace

I wonder about how long it’s going to take for the society to accept the law

I wonder how long it is going to take for the society to inculcate humanism

I wonder if the prevailing treasured portion of humanity is enough to halt the self-destruction

I wonder if this quarantine was meant to teach patience, tame the untamed, make clean the unkempt and shed off the rage

While tears shed, blood dribbled

The lives of humane lay blanketed by misery and grief

While the inhumane let down a sigh of relief

To me, quarantine is peace, a step towards humanity, but what it means for the inhumane would lay forever unknown

-Mirnalini Bhaskar

-Anya Raghuvanshii

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