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The Sacred War

By- Kanishk

The corona virus is a form of natural selection. Hundreds of millions are forced to stay at home. In these dark moments, we have realized our true identity, the national identity. When doctors treat a patient, they see their patient as a compatriot. When a shopkeepers sell essential goods, they sell their goods to a fellow national. All boundaries have been eliminated, every barrier that thought it could divide and break us. But we, as Indians have proved to ourselves that we as a collective see no class, we see no race, we see no caste, we only see an Indian in each other. Every helping hand, every janitor, every equipment manufacture worker, every accountant, every doctor, we have become one. No longer are we chained to greed, no longer are we clouded with false ego. We survive and help others survive. We have shown the world that when a challenge comes to our soil, we face it together. We were raised on this soil, we were raised breathing this air, we are the sons and daughters of Mother India, hence we will win; we will continue to cooperate, we will continue to do what is best for us as a collective, we will continue to have each other's backs, and we must. We are so close to breaking our material boundaries: young and old, man and woman, upper class and lower class, we have woven the idea of the Indian national identity with our souls. Our minds might have been puzzled at first, but we have realized what our duties are, we have realized how much impact each and every one of us can make, we have realized that every one of us is important. Nothing can bring us down, nothing can push us around as long as we are together, as long as we are, as a nation, one.

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