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We Were Going Home

Updated: May 29, 2020

By- Anushka

It was before dawn,

Mum’s eyes sparkled with joy even in the grimmest of times.

She assured us everything will be better.

We were going home

It was midnight,

We walked for 18 hours, all the pain was worth it.

She still believed everything will be better.

We were going home.

The last time I saw her,

She kept her cold hands on my cheeks

She still believed we were going to be better because

We were going home.

She took her last breath,

While I slept, to wake for another journey

I believe not everything will be better because

She was our home.

Not all the migrant workers can make their way back home

These people suffer from various diseases already, which

cannot be looked after due to low income and improper medication

There are cases where their health conditions worsen on the way, after walking for hours without food and water

in these canicular days.

They walk the last journeys of their lives.

They might rise above and beyond all

human sufferings but their children are

left behind in misery.

Philanthropy is unconditional

It comes from deep inside our heart.

and the impact it leaves on these children

gives us eternal joy and peace.

Any amount of donation helps to

transform the lives of these innocent children.


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